Day 22 – Final Concerts, Part I

Today we begin winding down IMFA, but not before a final flurry of musical performances. The day began as usual, with announcements from our fearless leaders, Spencer and Andy. Instead of Italian class, Stefano gave us a little test. And then Spencer and Andy gave him a test–that is, they created a make believe concert program and asked him to spontaneously create some program notes for an imaginary audience. This is something that Stefano does for each of our concerts: he introduces the featured composers and says a little about each piece. All of this he does extemporaneously, without notes or preparation. And his comments are surprisingly detailed. I wasn’t quick enough to get his performance this morning on video, but it was truly spectacular!

Our concert began at 6 pm and lasted till almost 8 pm. A number of chamber ensembles and soloists performed; below are two new composition for string trio by Rachel and Grant. Enjoy!

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