Day 16 – Art Song Rehearsals

We began composition seminar today by exploring the works of two early 20th century composers who wrote beautifully for strings–Roy Harris (Symphony no. 3) and Arthur Honegger (Symphony no. 2). These two often-neglected composers left behind a sizable body of work that deserves to be heard and enjoyed.

We also had final rehearsals for our art song performances. Tomorrow afternoon, the IMFA community will travel to Trieste to visit the Schmidl theater museum and to hear some of our students and faculty perform an informal recital. Included on the program will be world premieres of Italian art songs by Alex, Rachel and Grant (Max’s song was premiered to great acclaim last weekend in Udine).

Today’s video treat is a recording of the bell ringing heard most days of the week in Duino. This is the local parish church of San Giovanni, located just beside the castello. The ringing begins at 6:20 on weekdays and shortly before Sunday morning services. Sorry for the jiggly beginning!

The church of San Giovanni in Duino.

The church of San Giovanni in Duino.

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