Day 20 – Mozart BBQ

Today was a double-header: we began with our final concert in the Duino Castello at noon and ended with the world-famous Mozart BBQ.

The concert in the castello was jam packed with terrific music and wonderful performances. Nearly all IMFA students performed, and each of the composers was featured (second performances of our Italian art songs). We had a full crowd for most of the 90-minute concert.

At 2 pm, we strolled down the road from the castello to the oldest house in Duino, which was the site for the Trieste Mozart Society’s annual BBQ. Italy has over 20 Mozart societies, and with 90+ members, the Trieste chapter is one of the largest and most active. In addition to co-sponsoring IMFA, they also arrange for excursions to musical cities, organize musical events in the region, and support the work of young musicians. The Mozart BBQ is like an opera, with several acts and interludes:

Act I: Socializing and drinking (both spirits and carbonated beverages)
Act II: Antipasti
Interlude 1: Mozart Society business meeting, with speech and vote
Act III:  Primi piatti–grilled chicken, vegetables and spicy beef
Interlude 2: Music from IMFA choir: Jacques Arcadelt, “Il bianco e dolce cigno;” Mozart, “Bona Nox”

Act IV: Secondo piatto–spicy sausage from Slovenia
Interlude 3: Music for strings–Bach, Brandenburg Concerto no. 3; Beatles, several classic songs arranged for string quartet

Act V: Mozart Raffle–23 prizes! mostly small, colored change purses!
Interlude 4: Speeches and expressions of gratitude from IMFA and from Mozart Society
Act VI: Torta di Mozart, served with champagne


The cake is as delicious as it looks…

The above portion of the Mozart BBQ lasts from approximately 2-5:30 pm. At this point, we move to the final event:

Act VII: The Dario and Giorgio show

Giorgio and Dario entertain the crowd.

Giorgio and Dario entertain the crowd.

It’s really the Dario show, as he’s the one who is singing and playing the guitar (he’s also the president of the Mozart society and the president of a local bank). But Giorgio is crucial, as he holds the microphone for Dario and occasionally interjects commentary for the audience. All in all, this is an event unlike any other, and one not to be missed. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful friends and supporters to take care of us while we’re in Italy!


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